Clinical Supervision

One important component to being an effective therapist is having the clinical expertise of a supervisor to discuss elements of your practice with. While clinical supervision is often seen as a means to an end - as in part of a journey from your early career to being able to fly solo - we can all use supervision from time to time. 

Supervision is so much more than collecting sufficient hours to meet requirements of regulatory bodies, like the CRPO. Therapists can, and dare I say should, make great use of supervision throughout their practice - no matter how many years they have under their belts. 

Whether you're looking to move through the many milestone stages from student to seasoned pro, or meeting in a one-off consultation capacity to talk through your stuckness with a difficult-to-navigate matter, I'd love to chat about how we might be a good team! 


One-on-one supervision session: $150 plus HST (for a total of $169.50) - 60 min

Dyadic supervision: $100 each plus HST (for a total of $113 each) - 60 min

Group supervision: $45/hour for fixed* groups and $55/hour for drop-in** groups

Booking Supervision

*** To register for a drop in supervision session, check the open dates and register here ***

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 * fixed groups are term specific and closed to an established group of supervisees for the duration. These groups are paid in two parts: a deposit and a final installment.
** drop-in groups are paid per visit by securing one of a limited number of spots in advance of the day(s) you wish to attend. Due to the nature of unpredictability of numbers in this group, the fee is a little higher, but there is sometimes a chance that the group is smaller and therefore more time gets dedicated to your cases. 

regardless of the group style, numbers of supervisees will never exceed beyond 8 in order to allow for the hours to be in line with CRPO supervision requirements

More Supervision FAQs - coming soon!